The Functional software development company

We really are software artisans, analizing your problem and building a very performance piece of art for your next project, all we do is with love.

Realtime first software development

In Erlang, Elixir and OTP we trust.

We really trust in realtime data communication, so we encourage to develop alternatives that solves real world problems, streaming data and components is the present and the future, that is the reason why we use Beam languages.

Faster. Smarter.

we make complexity simple. By employing specialized tools for specific challenges, we streamline our creation process. Our focus on efficiency ensures effective solutions that are easy to implement.

Optimized for production

Our software is production-optimized through efficient design and careful engineering. We prioritize performance and reliability to deliver robust solutions for seamless operations.

Feature 01


We ensure that all our creations undergo thorough testing for accuracy and quality assurance.

Feature 02


We provide a comprehensive changelog for our creations, documenting every step of the creation process

Feature 03

We run on everywhere

We develop for all device sizes, our solution ensures a seamless experience, from smartphones to desktops, smartwatches providing versatility and accessibility to all users

Feature 04
The elegant way to get a new software

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